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KP8 Gel Alaska Experience is a cooling, moisturizing gel.

KP8 Gel is particularly effective for painful muscles and joints.

The unique composition penetrates KP8 Gel Alaska Experience deep on the sore spots and work exactly where it is needed.

The gel immediately relieves pain and swelling is caused by rheumatism, arthritis and bruises and sprains against.

KP8 Gel Alaska Experience includes Arnica Montana, a proven remedy for rheumatism, arthritis, muscle spasm and muscle pain.

The gel also contains Camphor and Eucalyptus which is traditionally used against swellings, bruises, sprains and muscle fatigue.

The Menthol in KP8 Gel Alaska Experience creates a cooling effect on the skin, that is equal occurs after application.

For pain relief with rheumatism, arthritis and sprains, the gel can be applied as needed to obtain the beneficial effect.

KP8 Gel Alaska Experience is ideal for keeping muscles and joints in good condition.